Grimoire is a proposal for a handmade chapbook that will consist of three separate but related pantoums, each 6 stanzas (24 lines) in length.

Pantoum #1 will be assembled via a randomized selection* of lines supplied by various contributors.

* Machine-generated rather than chance-operated.

Pantoum #2 will be a "DIY pantoum": blank pages accompanied by an insert containing lines and brief instructions on how readers may inscribe their own pantoums.

Pantoum #3 will be composed, in some form of response to pantoum #1, and will consist of both appropriated language and lines supplied by various contributors.

No two copies of Grimoire will be alike. Each copy will be partial or potential, and the completed portions will feature a unique combination and sequence of lines.

The anticipated publication date for Grimoire is October 2014. I hope to publish Grimoire in an edition of approximately 30 copies. Contributors will receive a PDF containing all 30 variants of the final text. Additional variants and editions ("remixes") are encouraged and will be facilitated by Creative Commons licensing.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please provide between 1 and 3 lines you could imagine being included in this grimoire. Explicit references to magic are fine, but any language that seeks to be effective is most welcome. Broadly interpreted, I am soliciting language that would change, transform, or alter an actual state of affairs (personal / social / ecological / cosmological / etc.), or language that would conjure or instantiate, to make present that which would otherwise remain absent or even nonexistent.

Email your submissions or any questions you may have to jrmilazzo [at] gmail [dot] com.

Deadline: June 30 2014.